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Fuel Injector Flow Testing

Does your engine show any issues regarding starting, idling, performance, lost economy or poor emissions, then send in your injectors to CP fuel injection, where we test, ultrasonically clean and service petrol fuel injector on our Asnu machines. Just fill out the form and send us your injectors.

(We do not service diesel injectors)

Please print, fill in and make sure to include the Injector Service Form with your injectors to prevent any issues.


Top feed - £10.00 each (plus VAT)

Side feed - £11.00 each (plus VAT)

** GDi (direct) injectors - £16.00 each (plus VAT) **

** Gasoline PIEZO injectors (BMW N43, N53 Siemens - Mercedes Bosch) - £18.00 each (plus VAT) **

Motorcycle injectors - £10.00 each (plus VAT)

Optimax air injectors - £16.00 each (plus VAT)

Optimax side feed injectors - £11.00 each (plus VAT)


**GDi and Piezo injectors are tested at 5 bar pressure, for more info contact us**

Fuel injector flow testing includes the following processes:

Visual inspection – injectors are checked to make sure the exterior is in good condition, i.e no bent or broken pins, damage to the injector body etc.
Ohms / resistance test – a simple test used to verify the condition of the injectors coil.
Leak test – injectors are tested for leaks on both the body and the nozzle / pintle end, an injector that is leaking from the nozzle end will usually require ultrasonic cleaning to rectify the faulty. Body leaks will require replacement.
Inductance test – injectors are tested to highlight any electrical or mechanical problems.
Spray pattern test – the spray pattern is checked during the flow test and if there are any irregularities which is normally due to deposits on the nozzle then an ultrasonic clean can rectify this issue.
Dynamic flow test – tested at various pulse widths to verify the pulsed flow of the injectors is within tolerance.
Static flow test – to verify the wide open flow of the injectors and to establish the fuel injector flow rate. An imbalance is usually corrected by ultrasonic cleaning.
Flow report – of the results of the above tests is completed a flow report is compiled.

Please make sure you include the injector seals with your injectors so that we can match the seals that fit your vehicle.


SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS: Please send in a completed service form in the package with your carefully packed fuel injectors. The injectors should be packaged so that they can't move around and damage each other.

Customer is responsible for the return postage costs of the injectors, once injectors are complete we will contact you for shipping options and payment.

RETURN SHIPPING: Domestic and International postage is normally via Royal Mail and Parcelforce, if you wish to use another courier like UPS, TNT, DHL please contact us.

Turn around time - we aim for 3 business days or less