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Audi - S2, S6 COUPE - 5x 730cc BOSCH EV14 Fuel Injectors - USCAR Connector



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  • PRICE IS FOR A SET 5x DIRECT FIT FUEL INJECTORS*Includes a free set of pigtails for the injectors*

    Audi S2 (ABY engine code) - C4, S4 and S6 20v Turbo (ANN engine code), ADU, 200 20vt (3B engine code)
    Flow matched via SLOPE FLOW AND OFFSET VALUES to within +/- 1%

    Flow matched via SLOPE FLOW AND OFFSET VALUES to within +/- 1%

    E85 Compatible

    We flow match all our injectors via our specialised flow benches that utilise state of the art precision flow meters and match them by slope flow and offset values (also known as dead time, lag, latency), which ensures that the injectors are perfectly matched to achieve precise balance between cylinders.

    Connectors for the above application are below in Recommended Products

    You maybe be required to change the injector plug on the wiring harness in your car. This can be done by purchasing the optional plug and pin set for crimping or you can choose to purchase the optional plug and play adapters or harness to work with your oem injector wiring harness.

    The plug and play adapters or harness will convert from the type of plugs on these injectors to the plugs on your harness without any cutting or soldering required.

    *If the plug and play adapters or plug and pin kit is purchased the pigtails will not be included.*


    Flow Rate at 3bar 730 cc/min
    Oring Seat to Seat 61mm - Standard length Injector (34mm) with Height Extensions
    Connector Type USCAR
    Resistance High
    Spray Pattern Conical Type


    - Orings compatible with gasoline and ethanol

    - Unmodified Bosch injector - 7 hole diffuser

    - Compatible with E85

    - Excellent spray pattern and atomisation for idle and tuning

    - Great linear response and short pulse width repeatability

    - Battery offset data also known as lag, deadtime and latency are available with the injectors.